Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Wing and A Prayer!

A family member decided she no longer wanted the dear old thing, and it was destined for the curb. So guess who grabbed this wonderful old wing chair before she could ask "do you want it"?

I am in the middle of a livingroom redo, and thought with some work, it would be a lovely addition to my somewhat classic decor. It seemed to have good bones, the springs seemed sound, and it appeared solid in structure, so how could I leave it there?

The original rose velvet cover did not suit the original owner's ever-changing decor and so she decided to recover it herself in a plushy blanket-cloth type fabric, but it really didn’t lend itself to the traditional lines or style of the chair. Nor had it been done, needless to say she did not end up happy with it!

I had already found a great bargain on a piece of micro-suede type material in my fabric stash – bought a year ago, with absolutely no purpose in mind. I only knew it would match the decor choices that I already had made. The amount could be a problem, but there are ways of making it work! I decided that if I am short on fabric, I am going to combine another piece of coordinating fabric, also in my cupboard already, with it on the internal seat part of the chair. It will solve the shortage problem, while adding a minor touch of contemporary flavour – all, hopefully, without sacrificing any of its’ traditional or classic feel. So, after tossing back and forth between two options in my cupboard, it would seem it is really the only perfect choice in which to cover it!

Taking off layer number one, was a chore to say the least! She used long nails, screws and upholstery nails... whatever she could find to hold down the blue. It was a forever task trying to remove them all, but my son and I finally did it!

Of course, then we discovered the cushion was not reusable, since the family dog had been using it regularly. My very allergic hubby would never be able to take the fur, and I would never handle any smells, so out it went! New foam was purchased, and cut to go.

I also bought some old-fashioned round brads for the back side corners, when I picked up the foam. As an addition to the original, more traditional feel of the chair, it should look great when it is finished!

The front “kick plate” board had a crack in it, but my dad, a carpenter, was able to repair it quite easily from a job leftover scrap piece, so it is nice and solid again. One more freebie bonus! And hurrah, he confirmed the springs are definitely in great shape!

Also needed, some med and lo-loft quilt batting – there are pieces in my stash, and someone just blessed me with a huge “freebie” chunk of industrial wool felt in a delicious cream colour... it will work very nicely!

A soft thin layer of foam is needed to wrap the structural boards in the front section. Lo and behold, a gift piece of art was shipped in such a product, and is perfect to do the job. Another freebie, again!

Now it shall be plunked down in my driveway, once again, in the throngs of reupholstery land! This afternoon, I plan to tackle the balance of the pink layer we left until last... and to carefully vacuum out all its’ nooks and crannies from the dog hair and “crumbies” that have made their way down into the cracks!

So here goes nothing .... a wing and a prayer!

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