Thursday, October 9, 2008

Enjoy It While It Lasts....

It is that time of year when the various allergies, colds, flu, and so forth hit many a household, and ours has been no exception.

Hubby was knocked off his feet last week with some form of virus; and susceptible to asthma even on a good day, of course, it went straight for his lungs. Now, a week later, he is still grasping his inhaler and coughing like there is no tomorrow. His usual calm voice carries a new resonance of bass tones, and sounds like he is trying to see how low it can go. Like always, he is dragging himself though his usual daily stint in the workworld, in spite of the fact that he needs more rest. Being the ever generous soul that he is, however, he passed it on to me.

So days later, here I lie.... still.

Undoubtedly, with the allergies of the season also playing their part, it has been nothing less than frustrating. My to-do list is growing by the minute, and lots of orchestration in the heavenlies has been happening. There is just so much to do. So I drag myself, and then fall onto the bed when I have run out of strength.

It is always nice for the first 24 hours, isn't it? Then it grows old pretty quick! I don't rest well, so while I am lying down, I am usually reading, planning some art-quilt pieces, writing my column, blogs, books and updating my already overloaded calendar.

Yesterday, I started working out the schedule for some upcoming challenges and calls-for-entries that are coming up over the next six months. It pays to think ahead at times, and sometimes you realize there are steps you need to work out in advance. So I was very thankful to see that I needed to get out and take some pictures of fall scenes, and the leaves before they were all gone.

Autumn's brilliant colours can draw photographers, artists, and tourists from all walks of life. And I ask you, "what person can refute a God who can create such incredible ranges and hues of those glorious fall colours"?

My dear friend Val, loves driving around the countryside. Armed with her own camera, it was her intent to take pictures on the way home from doing her errands, anyway. In one hour and a bit, she would have to pick up her children - but, we could do it, it was not a problem!

So she very graciously picked me up, (in spite of my non-energetic and sickly condition), and off we sped across the countryside, to pause and photograph! Indeed, we would be more than willing to accomodate each other's whims to "click and check" as we went along!

Aren't digital cameras wonderful? You can point and shoot, check, and do it again if you need to. A healthy battery is all that is needed! Hundreds of pictures later, you can take those country roads home and peruse your works of art!

Of course, we never think it is enough, and know we will be heading back out again in the next few days, to get some more; provided today's winds don't take all the leaves off the trees!

Right now, I have what I believe to be the essential things for my creations, so far. But since the motto is to "always be prepared", I will have to make sure that I grab the opportunity to go for one more spin, with pointed-purpose, and see what else that we can capture onscreen for interpreting into fiber and art.

If you haven't been out for a tour of those country roads yet, why not consider grabbing your own camera and going for a walk or a drive? Or how about hanging around the house, and grabbing a rake and a wheelbarrow? You can dive into those leaves with your kids again, and enjoy the rustling sound of the leaves blowing in the wind!Maybe you could, go pick a pumpkin in a patch, and make a pie with your mom... or make some pickles or jams for Christmas, with all that fresh, fall produce on the stands.

Christmas? Would you believe it? It is only 11 weeks away from today! And, my list just got a whole lot longer... sigh.

Guess I'd better enjoy it while it lasts.

Update: Turns out they think hubby has pneumonia... and it is possible I may have it, too.

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