Monday, December 22, 2008

'Tis the Season To Be Busy...

My husband is working madly on lifting the old subfloors up to reveal the wonderful, original plank floors hidden beneath them as I am typing this! It seemed like an opportune time to sneak upstairs, curl up on the bed, and catch up for a few minutes!

This has probably been the busiest season of my life!

Our new ministry blog is up and running at and the website at, unfortuately, is still under construction... so catch me over at the blog if this one seems to be quiet at the moment!

Some incredible things are happening over there, and I will tell you more in January, when I have more time to post about them.

We had part of our incredible Destiny Word staff/team visiting here at my home, in November/December. They arrived in from Hawaii and New York, and blessed us all! Our staff/team members from here in Canada were also delighted to finally meet them in person and not just through email, phone calls and webcam.

The connections were immediate, powerful, and genuine. Eric and I are truly the most fortunate partners,to have such incredible people encouraging us, assisting us, and working along side of us!

My family also wanted to spend time getting to know them a bit more, rather than be working on the renovations - so unfortunately they all had to put up with a bit of mess!

Truly, this would normally, totally, stress me out, not to have things looking perfect, but I forced myself to relax about the whole thing, since there really wasn't a whole lot I could do about it anyway. Thankfully, with their relaxed, easy, casual attitudes, I found myself a tad liberated in just letting it all go... and wound up having a whole lot of fun!

All that to say that we have family coming for Christmas in a week's time, the renovations are still not finished, and I don't have my tree up yet. Lol.

I keep thinking of a sign I once saw hanging on the wall of a quilt shoppe, "God put me here on earth to accomplish many things, and right now I am so far behind - I will never die!" I laugh, but admittedly there are just some days when it feels just like that! Of course, we know we are only meant to concentrate on today, and not worry about tomorrow. It will have enough things of its' own to deal with! Lol.

Let's face it... I am so behind right now, that I am starting to meet myself coming and going. Life as I once knew it, is no longer...
I am in a new season.

Yes, 'tis a new season on the horizon... and I look forward to it and all the adventures it holds! It means changes are coming, and changes have to happen.

Several things that I have been involved in, are going to be let go, in the interest of moving forward into new areas of my life. Newer schedules and routines are being put into place, and more efficient methods of application are being developed. Old unfinished loose ends are being gathered up, and completed, but will not be replaced by newer projects or added to.

It will mean guarding my time, far more closely than I have been, and sneaking away from time to time for some quiet space. However, the quiet is a tad remiss at this particular moment with the musical sounds of sanders "whirring", the vacuum sucking, hammers banging, and music festively playing in the background.... Besides which, hubby is calling my name to move some stuff....

Ah well... I shall pop back in for fifteen minutes again later. In the meantime, enjoy your holiday preparations, and I will go put a wreath on the front door!

'Tis the season to be busy.... fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la...

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